Trincia trainata Royermak Forage Harvester

9.000 €
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Marca Royermak
Modello Forage Harvester
Tipo trincia trainata
Anno di costruzione 03/2022
Prima immatricolazione 2018-02-03
Peso netto 222 kg
Ubicazione Turchia KONYA
Data d'inserzione più di un mese
Agriline ID FY33509
È possibile l'acquisto a rate
Copertura 111 m
Numero di file 4
Larghezza degli spazi tra le file 11 mm
Capacità 10 t / h
Potenza del trattore richiesta 65 HP
Velocità di lavoro 20 km/ora
Dimensioni d'ingombro 1 m × 1 m × 1 m
Numero di assi 8
Taglia pneumatici 10
Stato pneumatici 1 % / 1 mm
Stato usato
Garanzia 2 anni

Ulteriori informazioni — Trincia trainata Royermak Forage Harvester

Maize Chopper - Forage Chopper Forage Harvester Silage Harvester Silage Chopper
The gearboxes on the machine perform the work of the pick-up machine perfectly according to the tail duty they undertake the power from the tractor shaft.
fulfills. Spare parts, which are made with power distribution pulleys and belts from gearboxes, provide extra convenience to the user in many aspects such as maintenance and repairs.
While ROYERMAK® is manufacturing, the product to be produced is not only economically researched, but also optionally, adopting a top class product as a principle.
is producing. Power in these missions with the Challenger® independent full hydraulic system. Challenger 2® offers different format alternatives to users who do not like conventional and ordinary format methods. This multi-purpose machine; rearward, in front of the tractor and next to the tractor.
It has the ability to harvest in different ways. collapsible frame; It is easy to fold and open, practical and useful. Also according to the way of use
By making only one pin to fix the machine in the taken position, waste of time and labor is prevented.
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